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Tactical VPN

Secure Your Connection, Tactical VPN shields your personal information from prying third-parties and hackers on public WiFi, ISPs and other local networks. Your connection is secured with AES 256-bit encryption. We do NOT log your network activity. Our privacy policy.

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers. Your audience will associate your brand identity with your product or service, and that identity is what forges the connection between you and your customers, builds customer loyalty, and determines how your customers will perceive your brand.


Being smart with marketing ensures the success of your business by attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back.

Web Design

M.E.G IT Gives you everything you need to make your business website stand out. No matter the stage of your online business, you can launch today using our powerful platform.

Web Development

There is no need to worry about back-end stuff.. Just tell us what you want and we will make it come to life.